With the theme ‘Japan in the heart of Vietnam’, this is the third time the Ekiden Run was held which aims to enhance the diplomatic relations between the two countries.

On last Sunday, hundreds of athletes were present at Yen So Park (Hanoi) for the third Ekiden Run under the chairmanship of the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Vietnam (JCCI).

Ekiden is a form of relay running from Japan. Accordingly, team members will run and hand over Tatsuki’s ribbon at a designated location. The Tatsuki ribbon symbolizes solidarity and friendship. Team results are calculated by the total running time of the members.

In the spirit of praising the solidarity between the people in particular and the strong connection between Vietnam and Japan in general, Hino Motors Vietnam has enthusiastically responded and contributed two teams with two internal contest at this tournament run. Through Ekiden, Hino Motors Vietnam has shown perseverance, try our best to assert out belief that “ UNITY IS POWER” with athletes running at 200% and the team of fans shouting their best.

Hino’s Little Warriors

We run together & We won together

Thank you all and see you again next season!

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