Having been present in Vietnam since 1996, for nearly 25 years of accompanying and developing with the country and people of Vietnam, Hino Motors always strives to implement the company’s activities under the motto of devoting to the development career; for a prosperous society and to raise the standard of living of the Vietnamese people by providing the highest quality products. In addition, the leaders of Hino Motors Vietnam Co., Ltd. (HMV) are very interested in contributing to the development of the community, especially the education and training of future generations. HMV has repeatedly donated its products to universities and vocational colleges as learning aids to further improve the motor vehicle industry in Vietnam.

Hanoi University of Science and Technology (HUST) is the leading key technical university in Vietnam, always leading and ranked high in the international rankings. In the field of mechanical engineering in general and automotive technology in particular, the quality of the school’s training is always highly appreciated by partners and businesses. In 2019, HMV donated to HUST a Hino 300 Series truck for the purpose of training students in automotive engineering of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering, Hanoi University of Science and Technology. During the past year, that vehicle has been practiced by many students, contributing to improving practical skills as well as practical knowledge of mechanical engineering students in general and automotive students in particular. This proves that the cooperation between enterprises and universities in the field of training plays an essential role in training high quality human resources.

In order to strengthen the good cooperative relationship between the two sides, and at the same time continue to support students, automobile fellows have more materials and products to study and research: The morning of June 29, 2020 , HMV donated to HUST a bus chassis, two engines, two transmissions. The teachers and students of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering directly attended the handover ceremony and had questions and concerns for Hino. The ceremony took place successfully, marking the closer relationship between Hino Motors Vietnam and Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

Some beautiful images in the event:

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