Breaking out from the end of December 2019 until now for nearly 2 years, the Covid-19 epidemic has become more and more complicated. The 4th epidemic wave from April 27, 2021, is a new wave of disease, but its level of danger is many times higher than the previous waves. Especially, the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in several industrial parks and export processing zones in the provinces and cities has been more complicated, which has been directly affecting the lives of many enterprises’ businesses, and employees’ life. Many businesses have had to close, many workers have no jobs, schools have to be closed, children can’t go to school, … and other serious consequences that greatly affect the life of all Vietnamese people.

As an enterprise in Vietnam, Hino Motors Vietnam has always operated following the HINO Credo: “Make the world a better place to live by helping people and goods get where they need to go – safely, economically and with environmentally responsible – while focusing on sustainable development” towards the goal of “becoming one of the most beloved companies in the local community in Vietnam”.

In the past year, Hino has carried out many activities to contribute to the community and Vietnamese society through programs such as donation scholarships to students cared for by SOS Children’s Villages Vietnam who is learning at vocational school; organize the visiting to HMV’s factory and dealer; donation cash to the flooded center province; donation engines to universities in Vietnam for research, teaching, etc.

It can be seen that Hino Motors Vietnam is not only focused on the business profits of the enterprise but also always carries with it a responsibility to the society and community of Vietnam – where the business is operating.

In the face of the current complicated Covid-19 epidemic situation, Hino Motors Vietnam wants to join hands, and contribute part of its responsibility with Vietnam to overcome this difficult period, to fight the epidemic. The disease is repelled, all activities and people’s lives will soon return to normal as before. That is something that not only Hino but any individual and enterprises also want to do.

Recently, on June 30, 2021, Hino Motors Vietnam has transferred an amount of 300,000,000 VND (three hundred million Vietnam Dong) to the Vaccine Fund for Covid-19 Prevention so that all Vietnamese people will get vaccinated soon, ensuring the health and safety of people and their family members.

Hino Motors Vietnam hopes that one day, the Covid-19 epidemic will be repelled, and we will all be able to live a better and brighter life.

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