Continuing the series of activities contributing to the development of education in Vietnam in general and human resources of the engineering industry in particular, on 04/04/2023, Hino Motors Vietnam is honored to welcome the delegation to visit the factory, including teachers and graduates of Thuyloi University and graduates of other technical universities through the introduction of Work Staff company, VJC…

The main attendees of this visit were new engineers from Thuyloi university and technical universities with automotive majors, who had excellently passed the selection exam of Hino Motors Japan and will go to work at Hino’s factory and dealers in Japan in the next few days.

During the event, Hino Motors Vienam shared Hino’s information, such as:

  • General introducing of Hino Motors Japan and Hino Motors Vietnam
  • Visit factory of Hino Motors Vietnam
  • Some pictures of Hino Dealers where the new engineers are going to work…

Hopefully the information shared in the event will be useful for the new engineers in their upcoming luggage when they start working in the land of the rising sun. In addition, through this visit, we believe that the relationship between Hino and the universities, as well as the human resources companies will be more tightened to contribute to the development of high-quality human resources for Vietnam.

Best wishes for the new automotive engineers graduated from Thuyloi university and other technical universities, hope them to be successful in their jobs at Hino Motors Japan’s factories and dealers in the near future.

Below are some pictures recorded in the event:

Mr Yoshio Osaka – General Director of Hino Motors Vietnam welcome the visitors.
Mr. Doan Yen The represented for Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – Thuyloi University shared at the event. 
General introducing of Hino Motors.

Visiting the production area of ​​Hino Motors Vietnam factory.
Giving souvenirs to the new engineers.

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